Heroes of Old?

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

First few sessions

Session 1 – Awake in coffins in a crypt. Tomb raiders are trying to plunder your crypt but they are killed by zombies that rise from the ground. After fighting off the zombies you emerge from your crypt to discover a shadowy rider watching you from afar that rides off.

Taking the horses of the tomb raiders you set off for a column of smoke in the distance. Arriving at it’s origin you discover a small hamlet under attack by lizard folk. You charge after a group of lizard folk running off with several small children. Arriving at their den you stop the shaman of the tribe from sacrificing the children (reluctantly).

Returning the children to the hamlet you discover that the villagers hail you as heroes, and not just for your deeds in driving off the lizard folk but also due to the fact that your entire group is memorialized as a large statue in the center of town for a battle that happened 600 years ago. The villagers think you are the heroes come back from the dead to save them from the coming war and monstrous depredations.


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